"Help us change what it means to work in the advertising industry"

PROJECT:   Stakeholder Interviews, Survey Design, Data Analysis, Messaging, Workshop Design + Facilitation, Strategic Recommendations
OUTCOME:  Our client unveiled a new vision of their “agency hero” - a mindful leader who enables autonomy, is constantly learning and encourages people to take care of themselves, and who sees self care as a selfless act.

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"We need to create an internal culture that supports our new brand" 

PROJECT:   Culture Strategy, Website Design, Information Architecture, Email Strategy, Employee Challenges + Activities, Culture Codification Assets
OUTCOME:   Employees have a central hub online where they can access assets and feel like a part of the team.

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"For the first time we need an efficient system for onboarding new hires"

PROJECT:   Stakeholder Interviews, User Journey Mapping, Asset Creation, Deployment + Optimization
OUTCOME:   Six new employees got the knowledge and tools they needed to succeed in an unconventional culture


organization design means finding and fixing obstacles to success, wherever they're hiding.