"Shorten the path to purchase by teaching our clients to think like we do"


We set out to create an un-conference where clients and potential clients were introduced to our way of thinking about company culture. The main insight we found through our buyer persona research was that decision-makers lacked the opportunity to step back from daily operations to think about the big picture – how they take care of their people and how that affects their business. We created a two-day workshop that enabled them to do just that. 


A perspective-changing workshop that was so successful we held an encore session six months later. 

Project components:

Buyer Personas: I researched HR-focused publications to determine which issues potential attendees are currently facing and what messaging would resonate. We then incorporated these insights into our buyer personas.

Competitor Research: I looked at a number of other conferences to establish baselines for pricing, lead time and attendee expectations. I also researched popular formats and topics to guide our reformatting of existing lecture-based content.

Stakeholder Interviews: I held informal chats with various internal stakeholders to get insight into their experiences at past conferences (what worked and what didn’t) and expectations for what our version should accomplish. 

Curriculum Development + Testing: Our team transformed the existing content into an interactive curriculum including a card game, board game, and periodic exercise breaks. We also tested content internally to optimize the structure and delivery.

Event Coordination: I created a rubric for evaluating venues and coordinated event logistics, including being responsible for creating and managing the budget, external vendors, sponsors and leading the setup and breakdown teams.

Print Material Design: I designed and produced posters, banners, wayfinding, name badges, and workbooks that aligned with the brand’s visual identity and correlated with the content being presented in the workshop sessions.

One thing that went well: Delivering on our promise to create an event that enabled people to do big picture thinking .

One thing we could have done better: We underestimated the importance of having more than one person from a client organization present. We could have done more to get multiple stakeholders in the room.

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